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Daily Tips is a new service section of Lively 24*7 Service. There are tip videos with their corresponding scripts in the section. The tips are mainly about the experiences which we have summarized through over 3 years' work on facebook, and mainly focuses on facebook marketing, the better usage of facebook accounts to protect them from being blocked/banned by facebook, and so on. The tip videos will be updated everyday and we will release more tips about facebook marketing in the future. You can log on the section to check for new tips every day so that you'll get more inspiration on your facebook marketing and make it much more competitive. No matter you are a beginner or an expert of facebook marketing, if you want to devote to Facebook marketing, you will not regret watching these videos.
How to contact Lively 24*7 Service support teams to get proper response?   
In order to provide the most professional and timely service for our customers, we have built up following support teams: Sales Support Team, Technical Support Team and Order Support Team. In this tip, we will talk about how to contact Lively 24*7 Service support teams to get proper response.
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Release Date: 10/20/2012
Update Date: 08/02/2013
How to contact Lively 24*7 Service support teams to get proper response?   
In this tip, we will talk about how to contact Lively 24*7 Service support teams to get proper response.

Here is our website, you can click "Contact us" to get to our service support.

Based on a clear division of labor in customer service, our customer service Team is divided into three teams: Sales Support Team, Technical Support Team and Order Support Team. According to your actual needs, you can contact the corresponding customer service Team for more timely, professional and assuring reply. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the service time and main responsibilities in each service team.

1. Let's start with Sales Support Team. The contacts are showed in our website, and the service time is 24*7 online except for some holidays. Let's turn to our service page again. Here are the contact and service time.
The main responsibilities of this team are: help people understand each specification service, know about customer needs and make some recommendation on related services, release all kinds of service notifications and latest news, provide the latest preferential information and frequently asked question, convey information to related people in time and offer all kinds of other convenience (such as reset license ID etc).

2. Ok, now we move to Technical Support Team. All the contacts are listed on our website too. The working hours are different from the last team. It is from 8:30 am to12:00: pm and from 2:00pm to 5:30 pm , but please realize the GMT is plus(+ 8) from Monday to Saturday. Let's check on our service page too.
This team is mainly in charge of the following responsibilities: solve the professional and technical problems in various services, deal with the technical problems in the practice of each service, research, design and develop new service projects, make and release all kinds of tutorial videos etc;

3. The last one is the Order Support Team. In order to allow any information related with customer orders well documented, this support team only provide E-mail as the only contact way and the email address is The service time is 24*7 online except for some holidays, the same as the sales support team.
The main responsibilities of this team are as follows: register, review and update customer orders, receive or collect related data of customer orders, provide customer's current state and estimated finish date of the customer orders, notify the customer promptly after the completion of orders and join in some necessary delivery work, receive and handle the feedback on the results of customers orders.

In a word, if you need to know about our service or have any questions before placing an order, you can contact our 24 * 7 online Sales Support Team directly to get the most timely reply; If you meet any technical problems when you use our programs and service, welcome to contact our Technical Support Team for the most professional solution. Besides, for any questions related with your orders, please contact our Order Support Team by email to obtain the most assured answer. In the end, if you have a question but you don't know which team should contact, please don't hesitate to contact the 24 * 7 online Sales Support Team. They will forward your question to the proper people timely so that you can get the most appropriate answer.

Thanks for watching.!
Sales Support Team
Skype: livelyservice
Technical Support Team
Skype: livelyfacebook
Tip: The Sales Support Team is online 24*7. And the Technical Support Team's working hours are 8:30 - 12:00 AM, 2:00 - 5:30 PM (GMT+8) from Monday to Saturday. Please feel free to contact us for any question or suggestion.
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