1. Q: What is Lively 24*7 Service?

  1. A: Lively 24*7 Service is a joint name for a list of services we offer in our site. It includes marketing software and related services. And we provide 24*7 customer services to help you understand and enjoy all the services without any problem.

2. Q: What services do you offer?

  1. A: Lively 24*7 Service provides All-In-One solution for Facebook marketing currently. For more details, please refer to the labels on the left side. We will try our best to add new services in the future.

3. Q: What’s the relationship with Facebook and Lively 24*7 Service?

  1. A: All of the Facebook programs and service are based on Facebook. We are not affiliated with Facebook. When purchasing our service, you are considered to agree to abide by Facebook's Terms of Service.

4. Q: Why people prefer Facebook as their marketing platform?

  1. A: Facebook is a fast growing social network in which you can receive updates of information around the world in seconds. It has over 900 million members and grows rapidly daily. More and more people are trying to promote their products and service on Facebook. Please refer to here for details on how to advertise on Facebook.

5. Q: What are the advantages of Lively 24*7 Service?

  1. A: We are a professional team who has been immersed in providing Facebook services for more than three years. And we have reputations for the great quality service and excellent 24*7 customer supports. Our unique and high quality products with competitive price and reliable services are the most important factors to get our regular customers’ sincere support.

6. Q: What is "Car" and "Petrol" meaning in the home page?

  1. A: Actually, car and petrol are metaphors. Car stands for Facebook program Facebook FriendAdder and Facebook FriendAdder Pro. Petrol means Facebook account service including Non-PVA & PVA service. If you get a power "Car" and a high quality "Petrol", you can win this competition of Facebook marketing.

7. Q: What is "Daily Tips" about?

  1. A: "Daily Tips" is about some tricks on Facebook marketing. It is maintained by our Lively 24*7 Service support team who has been immersed in Facebook marketing for more than three years. On that page you can browse helpful tips and tricks on Facebook Marketing.

8. Q: What are the "Beginner Package", "Intermediate User Package" and "Advance User Package" in
        All-In-One Packages?

  1. A: In the 30 Days Action Plan eBook, there are three targeted courses for Beginner, Intermediate User and Advanced User. According to the ebook, you need to prepare respective Facebook account packages for different courses to implement this plan. So we offer All-In-One Packages for users, the account package which belongs to the course called "Beginner Package", "Intermediate User Package" and "Advance User Package" respectively.

9. Q: Any free trail for Lively 24*7 Service?

  1. A: You'll have three times free trails with our Facebook programs once you download and install it. But for other Facebook account services, there are no free trail copies available. Mini test order is recommended.

10. Q: What payment methods do you accept?

  1. A: Our preferred methods of payment are Paypal, Wire Transfer or Western Union.

11. Q: Where can I receive my orders?

  1. A: We would deliver the orders to your Paypal email and contact email as default.

12. Q: How long does it take before I can start using the service after payment?

  1. A: Usually, we handle the orders within 24 hours. But for bulk orders, it may take more time according to the quantity and stock.

13. Q: What if I want a discount?

  1. A: Please refer to the "Discount and Delivery" part of each service page to get detailed information. For bulk orders and long-term cooperation, please email us.

14. Q: Can I get a refund for my software or service?

  1. A: There is no refund for most of our services, but sometimes for some specific products, refund is available. For More details about refund policy, please refer to the "Policy" part of each service page.

15. Q: How do I contact you if I have questions?

  1. A: Please refer to our Contact Us page to get our Sales/Technical Support Team contacts to get fast and professional help.

16. Q: Do you provide calling service?

  1. A: Sorry, we only chat with customers to solve problem. Calling service isn’t available at present.
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