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My Step by Step Way from $0 to $3,000+ Monthly Incoming
Welcome to Lively 24*7 Service. It's time for you to dominate facebook marketing now. We are an enthusiastic team providing All-In-One Solution for you. No matter you are a beginner or advanced marketer, with the help of our professional products and timely services, you should be able to make your incoming of facebook marketing increase from $0 to $3,000+ per Month by following our 5 easy steps. Are you ready? Go!
Step 1: My Car   
The competition is very intense nowadays. Usain Bolt is the champion of 100-metre and 200-metre races in both Beijing and London Olympic Games. However, I can beat him if I have a powerful car. ^-^

For facebook marketing, are you still doing your work manually? If so, stop and follow me please. It's time to get a program to do it for you now. There are so many programs on the market currently. I am quite sure many of your competitors have been using some programs to beat you right now!

It's important to find a powerful program to help you beat your competitors for your business. However, most of them are either expensive or lack of features. Now I am glad to tell you that our programs are full of features and absolutely free to try. Currently we are providing following programs for you: Facebook FriendAdder and Facebook FriendAdder Pro .
Step 2: My Petrol   
After you get a powerful car, you should fill some petrol to make it work.

So the second facebook marketing step is to import some accounts into your program. And optionally you can assign a proxy for each account to make your accounts work smoothly.

Using high quality accounts from an authentic provider will make your work much easier. We have provided this service for our customers since 2009. Our accounts have full profile information and high overall protection. Currently we are providing following accounts for you: Facebook Non-PVA and Facebook PVA. And optionally, you can get proxies for your accounts here: Private Proxy.
Step 3: My Schedule   
Now that you have got a powerful car which is full of petrol, the next important work is to get a workable schedule to help you reach your target.

So the third facebook marketing step is to make an action plan about how to use your program and accounts properly for your marketing purpose. This is the most important and difficult step. About 80% marketers will fail at this step. However, how to become one of those 20% successful marketers?

Don't worry. Our professional tech support team has been working on facebook marketing for more than 3 years. And now they have started to write eBooks for beginners, intermediate and advanced marketers. Our product team are using and testing on the methods in our eBooks everyday to make sure they are working and easy to follow. Currently we are providing following eBooks for you: 30 Days Action Plan.
Step 4: My Service   
There may be some roadblocks along the way to your target sometimes. You will need to bypass them.

So the fourth facebook marketing step is to fix all kinds of problems while following the action plan. Don't expect everything to be perfect. It's quite normal to encounter some troubles on the way to your success. Please be patient and try your best to solve them instead of giving up your goal. This is the difference between a winner and a loser.

Luckily, our product team is ready to help you fix almost all kinds of problems you may meet on the way. Currently we are providing following services for you: Unlock Mobile Phone Verification, Unlock Friend Photo Verification, Verify Account with Mobile Phone, Subscribe Mobile Phone Number and Other Facebook Related Service.
Step 5: My Target   
You should always have a clear target before getting started, and your final goal is to reach your target.

For facebook marketing, your goal is to build accounts with thousands of targeted facebook friends. Basing on your business, you should target your customers first. Then you can follow your action plan step by step and day by day. Finally, I am quite sure you will be able to build accounts with thousands of your targeted friends by yourself.

Alternately, you can choose to outsource all the above work to us. Our product team is using exactly the same method to do this work for our customers. Currently we are able to build following accounts with thousands of friends for you: Account with Global Friends, Account with Niche Targeted Friends, Account with GEO Targeted Friends and Account with Custom Targeted Friends.
After you get through the above 5 steps, you should have built accounts with thousands of your targeted friends. So it's time to promote your business now. Let's take an example, if you can make $10 per sale in your business, and there are 1% of your 1000 friends who are interested in your business will make the orders. Let's do a simple math as following: $10 * 1000 * 1% = $100. This means you will make $100 by a single promotion. So you only need to do one promotion per day, you will make $100 * 30 = $3,000 per Month!
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